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Foundation Recognized at Education Foundation Conference

While attending the Texas 2014 Education Foundation Conference in San Marcos, the Wylie Bulldogs Education Foundation was recognized because of its “Outstanding Fundraiser Event”. The clever title, “Hometown Hootenanny” caught the attention of the judges, who were impressed with the number of alumni, students, auction donors, school staff/ teachers and volunteers who were involved. A special “thank you”’ goes out to everyone who helped with this delightfully fun event. Your work is still paying dividends with the $1,000” check awarded to our foundation president, Becky Rentz at the annual foundation conference. Thank you for your support and extra thanks to Luke McMillan and Jason Holloway’s talent and planning. The judges were right, it truly was an outstanding evening.


Photo of $1,000 check  awarded to our Wylie Foundation for having “An Outstanding Fundraiser”.  Thank you Luke Millan and Jason Holloway for your planning, talent, organization and leadership.  Wylie is pleased with your accomplishments and  proud to call you a Wylie Bulldog.


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